Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Executive Compensation and Divorce: Dividing Complex Assets

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If there is a divorce then there has to be a division of assets between the two parties. This part of the divorce is very challenging if it involves executive compensation. While dividing marital assets there has to be a proper valuation which is difficult while valuing executive compensation. You can get the distribution done after consulting a Divorce lawyer in Delhi.

Executive compensation is financial and non-financial compensation which is given by companies to executives as part of their compensation package. Executive compensation is given in the form of various stock and equity awards as an incentive for future performance. 

To get the executive compensation divided it is important to what is separate property and what is marital property. Executive compensation that is received during the marriage is considered as marital property and has to be divided. However, compensation awarded but not granted during the marriage is not subjected to division. It is also possible that an employee never receives incentive compensation due to poor performance hence it is excluded from the marital division.

After identifying, if the compensation is marital property then you have to evaluate its value correctly. This can be done with the help of a financial adviser who has a good experience in divorce assets divisions. There are various methods to do the assets divisions. Each executive compensation plan is different and involves different policies and schedules as decided by the employer. The financial advisor can also help in spotting asset-hiding strategies such as voluntarily deferring compensation and then challenge them in the court. To get the right share of marital assets it is important to get the division done by taking the help of a financial adviser.

If you are searching for help for complex asset division then you can look for Best divorce lawyer in Delhi as it requires careful evaluation and division of complex assets hence only an experienced lawyer could do. The division of complex assets should always be done through a professional as it is an important part of divorce so that you can receive the fair share of the marital assets. The other party can try to hide certain assets or fails to disclose assets properly. Hence it is essential to get the accounting experts and the best lawyer to get the division done fairly.

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